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Funding Scholarships for Palestinians


Fund Palestine Studies

تمويل الدراسات الفلسطينية | المركز الآوربي للدراسات الفلسطينية | جامعة إكستر

The ECPS has, in only 3 years, laid down a firm foundation and our aim now is to create out of this foundation a global centre for research into the truth about the history of Palestine and the Palestine/Israel question.

We have ambitious mid- and long-term plans to establish a first-class E- journal in Palestine Studies and to develop curricula for Palestine Studies worldwide. We also feel that it is essential to establish at least one post-doctoral fellowship in order to attract the very best of the rising generation of scholars to contribute to the work of the Centre.

Our Immediate Aim

However, our immediate aim is to establish a scholarship fund. The aim is to allow the brightest students from around the world to study at ECPS.

The field of Palestine Studies is still underdeveloped and what is needed now is the training of a new generation of researchers into the subject. If taking a postgraduate degree is expensive for most students it is prohibitive for students from the Occupied Territories. Therefore lying at the heart of our funding campaign is the establishment of full scholarships for students from Gaza and the West Bank to study at either Master’s or Ph.D. level at the ECPS in Exeter.

We also wish to help post graduate students from the Palestinian diaspora so as to reach all who are interested in the history of Palestine, wherever they are. We believe that offering such educational opportunities to the most dedicated Palestinian students from the various Palestinian communities will be a major contribution not only to the education of the  generations to come but to the leadership of a  future Palestine.