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Tallha Abdulrazaq, a PhD student under the supervision of Prof Gareth Stansfield.

Exeter Student wins the 9th Al Jazeera Forum Research Competition, 'Change in the Arab World: Approaches and Possibilities'

As a part of the preparations for the 9th Annual Al Jazeera Forum, the Al Jazeera Center for Studies ran a competition to promote young researchers and to showcase them. The competitors had to submit an essay that was judged by an academic panel external to Al Jazeera to maintain impartiality.

The winning essayists was Tallha Abdulrazaq; a PhD student under the supervision of Prof Gareth Stansfield.  The winning essay was entitled 'Change in the Arab World: Approaches and Possibilities'. Using Iraq as a microcosm of the Arab World's woes, the essay investigates some of the most serious causes of instability and violence in Iraq that are applicable across the region, and suggests approaches to combat sectarianism, human rights abuses and foreign interventionism in order to effect positive long-term change.

Tallha has been invited to attend the award ceremony in  Doha which is part of Al Jazeera Centres 9th annual forum. The forum will be attended by leading academics, thinkers and policymakers, including Baroness Warsi.

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