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Past events

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30 May 202212:30

Seminar 'Young female miners in Tajikistani coal mines: Intersectional extractive violence and ecologies of exhaustion'

The Centre for Persian and Iranian Studies is delighted to invite you to this wonderful event at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies on Monday 30 May 2022. The event will be preceded by a lunch in the street gallery starting at 12. Full details
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9 February 202217:00

Centre for Persian and Iranian Studies: Visiting Speaker: Dr Shireen Walton (Goldsmiths London )

Ethnography across borders: tracing digital-visual threads between Afghanistan, Iran, Italy and the UK. Full details
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3 February 202217:00

Dr Nazanin Shahrokni (LSE) presents her new book Women in Place: The Politics of Gender Segregation in Iran.

Full details
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13 May 201916:30

Professor Richard Foltz (Concordia University) presents "What is the meaning of 'Tajik'?"

Richard Foltz (Ph.D., Harvard, 1996) is a cultural historian specializing in the broader Iranian world and his work highlights the wide-ranging influence of Iranian civilization on diverse societies stretching from the Balkans to China.. Full details
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28 February 201817:15

Visiting Speaker: Dr Haila Manteghi - The Alexander Romance in Persian History and Literature

In Persian tradition and literature, Alexander the Great is usually depicted with two faces – either as the two-horned one of the Qur’an or as the accursed-one of Zoroastrian tradition. This lecture endeavours to show that Persian literature, legend and mythopoetics has much more to say about Alexander than simply this, while demonstrating why and how the Persian image of Alexander is completely distinguishable from the Islamic portrayal of the world conqueror. I will concentrate on how the Greek Alexander Romance entered classical Persian literature, revealing how Alexander became as Persian as any other hero/king in the Persian tradition, as well as illustrate with great detail how Alexander is pictured in the works of great Persian poets ranging from the tenth to seventeenth century, with particular focus on Nizami’s Book of Alexander. I also demonstrate the existence of a positive view of Alexander in both Classical Arabic and Persian sources that is not just the result of biases derived from the Islamic era, but which also reflects the viewpoint of the pre-Islamic Persian depiction of Alexander.. Full details
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2 - 4 October 2015

Conference on Settler Colonialism in Palestine & Workshop on the Naqab Bedouin

The study of settler colonialism as an historical, geographical and political formation is attracting the attention of more and more scholars around the globe. Our effort will be oriented towards the examination of the settler colonial paradigm’s validity in the context of Palestine. The organisers encourage interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to the study of settler colonialism in Palestine, so as to build bridges between settler colonial studies and other disciplines, as well as to challenge Israel’s alleged exceptionality. Full details
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