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Centre members


Professor Robert Gleave
(Specialisms: Islamic law and legal theory, Shīʿī jurisprudence and exegesis, violence and its justification in Islamic thought)

Islamic Studies teaching staff

Dr Mustafa Baig
(Specialisms: Islamic Law, Muslims living in non-Muslim contexts)

Dr John P. Cooper
(Specialisms: Arabian Gulf; Boat building; Dhow; Egypt; Harbours; Indian Ocean; Islamic Archaeology; Maritime Archaeology; Maritime Cultural Landscapes; Navigation; Nile; Red Sea; Seafaring; Ships.)

Professor Timothy Insoll
(Specialisms: Islamic Archaeology)

Dr István Kristó-Nagy
(Specialisms: late antiquity and early Islam, the role of the intellectual in Islamic civilisation, violence and heresy in early Islam) 

Professor Emeritus Ian Netton
(Specialisms: history of Islamic philosophy and theology, ritual and Muslim practice, literature, orientalism and Islam)

Professor Sajjad Rizvi
(Specialisms: Islamic philosophy and theology, Quranic exegesis, Shīʿī thought and theories of authority in Shīʿī Islam)

Dr Emily Selove
(Specialisms: Medieval Arabic Literature, Magic in Medieval Islamic  Culture, Medieval Arabic medical texts)

Dr Suha Taji-Farouki
(Specialisms: Modern Islamic thought, political Islam and modern Muslim movements, Islamic mysticism in contemporary Islam)

Research Fellows

Dr Omar Anchassi
(Specialisms: Islamic Intellectual history (modern and premodern), Islamic law and legal theory, kalām-theology, and Qurʾānic studies)

Dr Belal El Abbas
(Specialisms: Islamic law and legal theory, Classical Sufism, Quranic Exegesis, The history of the hadith corpus as a discipline and literary genre.)

Dr Sejad Mekic
(Specialisms: Islamic law and jurisprudence, fatwas ands their interpretation in the odern period, Islamic law in the Balkans)

Dr Davide Pettinato
(Specialisms: Islamic charities in the Europe, NGOs and International Development in the Muslim World, Islamic perspectives on Climate Change)

Dr Christophe (Pooya) Razavian
(Specialisms: Modern Islamic philosophy and ethics, contemporary Iranian thought, digital humanities)

Dr Raha Rafii
(Specialisms: Law, Authority and Learning in Imami Shi’ite Islam)

Dr Kumail Rajani
(Specialisms: Law, Authority and Learning in Imami Shiʿite Islam Shiʿi Studies Arab and Islamic Studies South Asian Studies)

Visiting and Honorary Fellows

Dr Amin Ehteshami
(Specialisms: Classical Islamic theology and law, Islamic legal theory, hadith and canonisation)

Professor Nahyan Fancy, Al-Qasimi Professor in Islamic Studies
(Specialisms: History of Islamic Medicine and Science, Medieval Arabic medical and scientific texts, science and society in Medieval Islam)

Dr Paul Gledhill
(Law and Learning in Imami Shiite Islam research fellow project; specialisms: early Islamic law and the formation of the law schools)

Dr Saeed Zarrabi-Zadeh
(Specialisms: Islamic mysticism, Sufism, religion and modernity, comparative mysticism, Persian literature)

Dr Cameron Zargar
(Specialisms: Modern Shiism, Clerical Authority, the theory and practice of taqlid)