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Flowers of Persian Song and Verse

1 January 2010 - 28 February 2011

PI/s in Exeter: Dr Leonard Lewisohn

Funding awarded: £ 48,248

Sponsor(s): British Academy

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Flowers of Persian Song and Verse

About the research

A searchable, relational database for the Golha (‘Flowers of Persian Song and Music’) Iranian radio programmes, ca. 850 hours of programmes broadcast from 1956-79, today referred to by scholars and musicians as an encyclopedia of Persian music and poetry. Accessed by a website, the database includes bio-bibliographical data on the performers and authors, musical notation for songs, transcriptions of poetry, and commentaries included in the programmes in order to make them available over the internet, searchable by musicians, vocalists, composers, reciters, poets’ names, as well as by musical mode, submode, poem, literary and musical genre, and poetic meter.

British Academy