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Institute Director
Professor Christina Phillips

Professor of Arabic and Comparative Literature, Institute Director

Arabic and Arab anglophone writing, comparative literature, translation studies, postcolonial theory.  
Academic Staff
Professor Dionisius A. Agius FBA

Emeritus Professor of Arabic Studies and Islamic Material Culture: Senior Research Fellow

maritime cultural landscapes; dhow studies; Indian Ocean; Medieval Arabic geography and travel accounts; Islamic material culture; the 'Aja'ib (marvels) Arabic literary genre; Arabic philology 
Dr Sabiha Allouche

Lecturer in Middle East Politics

Gender and Sexuality Studies, Migration and Racialization, Queer Aesthetics, and Postcolonial/Decolonial Approaches (with reference to the Middle East).
Dr Mustafa Baig

Lecturer in Islamic Studies

Islamic Law, Muslims living in non-Muslim contexts
Dr Samer Bakkour

Lecturer in ME Studies and Politics

  Peace Process and Reconciliation, Arab Israel Conflict, USA Policy in the ME, GCC Politics and War,  Arab uprising, Islamic Movements Formation and Strategies, Migration , Internal and External Displacement, Syrian Politics and Economics.
Dr Claire Beaugrand

Lecturer in Sociology of the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula

Professor Siam Bhayro

Associate Professor, Semitic Languages and Jewish Studies

Bible, Semitic Languages and the Ancient Near East; Early Judaism and Jewish Biblical Exegesis; Medicine in the Christian and Islamic Orient; Aramaic incantation texts; ancient and medieval music
Dr Billie Jeanne Brownlee

Lecturer in Middle East Politics

social media revolution Arab Spring Internet digital technologies social movement revolts uprising displacement migration refugees refugee crisis Syria Lebanon civil society resistance dissent development aid micro-politics authoritarianism    
Dr Ferah Burgul


Professor John P. Cooper

Associate Professor in Maritime Archaeology & Arabic

Arabian Gulf; Boat building; Dhow; Egypt; Harbours; Indian Ocean; Islamic Archaeology; Maritime Archaeology; Maritime Cultural Landscapes; Navigation; Nile; Red Sea; Seafaring; Ships.
Dr Ahmed Dailami

Lecturer in the History of the Gulf and Arabian Peninsula

Emeritus Professor Rasheed El-Enany

Professor Emeritus

Professor Nahyan Fancy

Al-Qasimi Professor in Islamic Studies

Dr Giorgia Ferrari


Professor William Gallois

Professor of the History of the Mediterranean Islamicate World | Assistant Director IAIS

Algeria Tunisia Morocco Maghreb North Africa Libya Mauritania Senegal Art Painting Culture History Decolonial Subaltern Violence Time Global
Dr Eleanor Gao

Senior Lecturer in Middle Eastern Politics

Electoral politics, nondemocracies, good governance, local government, identity (especially tribal) politics, politics of the Arab world
Dr Farangis Ghaderi

Lecturer in Gender and Kurdish Studies, Director of the Centre for Kurdish Studies, Principle Investigator (PI) of the Kurdish Digital Archive

Professor Maziyar Ghiabi

Associate Professor of Social Sciences

Social and Critical Theory; Medical Humanities; Politics and History of Health and Medicine; Drugs History and Politics; Global South and Iran; State-Citizens relations; The Politics of Right-Wing Groups in the MENA; Urban And Rural Politics; Epistemologies of the South; addiction; social theory. Transdisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Methodologies; Photography and Documentary Making; Graphic nonfiction Novels.  
Associate Professor Jonathan Githens-Mazer

Associate Professor in Ethno-Politics

Theories of nationalism,ethno-symbolist approaches to nationalism, ethnic conflict, national myths, memories and symbols, nationalist mobilisation, Irish nationalism, Algerian nationalism, radicalisation
Professor Robert Gleave

Professor of Arabic Studies

Hermeneutics and Scriptural Exegesis in Islam, Islamic Law, in particular works of Islamic legal theory (usul al-fiqh), Violence and its justification in Islamic thought, Shi'ism, in particular Shi'i legal and political theory  
Professor Adam Hanieh

Professor of Political Economy and Global Development

 Political Economy; Class and State formation; Race, Labour and Migration; Neoliberalism, Finance, and Development; Oil and Capitalism
Dr Allan Hassaniyan

Lecturer in Middle East Politics

Kurdish politics, Kurdish nationalism and national movement, civil society and political and cultural activism in Iranian Kurdistan.
Professor Timothy Insoll FBA

Al-Qasimi Professor of African and Islamic Archaeology, Director of Research

 Islamic Archaeology; Later African Archaeology; Archaeology and materiality of African indigenous religions; Arabian Gulf Archaeology; Archaeology of West African empires; Mali; Ghana; Songhay; Red Sea; Ethiopia; Bahrain; Saudi Arabia; Al-Andalus; India; Indian Ocean trade networks; Ethnoarchaeology of African shrines and medicine practices; Representation of Islam in Museums
Professor Laleh Khalili

Al-Qasimi Professor of Gulf Studies

 Infrastructure, oil and finance, climate and environment, transnational movements, maritime transportation and logistics
Dr István Kristó-Nagy

Senior Lecturer in Arab & Islamic Studies, Director of the Centre for the Study of Islam

Abbasid culture; Early and classical Islamic civilisation; social and intellectual history; art history; literature; political thought, Zandaqa (Manicheism and other forms of dualist thought); the kuttāb (administrative elite); comparative and interdisciplinary studies.
Mr Ali Mossadegh

Lecturer in Persian Language

Dr Nadia Naser-Najjab

Senior Lecturer in Palestine Studies

Palestine Israel Setter Colonialism  Resistance  Decolonisation  Civil Society  Solidarity  Neoliberalism  Reconciliation     
Dr Katie Natanel

Senior Lecturer in Gender Studies

feminist theory; political violence; decolonisation; Palestine/Israel; affect and embodiment; temporality; political mobilisation and participation; ecology; creative pedagogies; performative research methodologies
Emeritus Professor Ian Netton

Professor Emeritus

Islamic theology and philosophy, Anthropology of religion (especially ritual), Sufism, mediaeval Arab travellers, Arabic and Islamic bibliography, comparative textuality and semiotics, comparative religion  
Emeritus Professor Tim Niblock

Professor Emeritus

Dr Michael Noble

Lecturer in Arabic and Islamic Studies

Ms Abla Oudeh Mahmoud


Professor Ilan Pappé

Professor of History, Director of the European Centre for Palestine Studies.

Dr Ross Porter


Anthropology of revolution, time, ethics, freedom, Yemen
Safaa Radoan

Associate Lecturer

Fatima Rawan

Senior Lecturer in Arabic Language

Professor Sajjad Rizvi

Professor of Islamic Intellectual History and Islamic Studies

Islamic Philosophy, Intellectual History, Global Philosophy, Quranic Hermeneutics, Decoloniality, Shiʿi Islam
Professor Christine Robins (formerly Allison)

Ibrahim Ahmed Professor of Kurdish Studies, Director of Education.

 Kurds, Kurdish, Kurmanji, memory, religous minority, Yezidi, Mandaean, narrative responsibility, speech genre, orality, literacy, linguistic anthropology, endangered religion, extinction
Dr Rama Sahtout


Dr Clemence Scalbert-Yucel

Senior Lecturer in Ethnopolitics

 Sociology of literature, translation, Kurdish literature, cultural production, heritage, rurality and ecology, Turkey, Kurdistan 
Associate Professor Emily Selove

Associate Professor in Medieval Arabic Literature

Medieval Arabic literature, magic, sympotic literature, banquet literature, wine, sexuality, reception
Professor Gareth Stansfield

Professor of Middle East Politics, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean (HASS)

Professor Lise Storm

Associate Professor of Party Politics

Democracy; democratization; authoritarianism; political parties; party systems; democracy assistance; aid; development; SDG16. 
Dr Suha Taji-Farouki

Senior Lecturer in Modern Islam

modern and contemporary Islam and Islamic thought, sufism, Muslim devotionalism, Muslim prayer, Ibn 'Arabi in the modern world, Islamic movements, political Islam, Islamic radicalism, Qur'anic studies, interfaith relations                
Associate Professor Marc Valeri

Associate Professor in Political Economy of the Middle East; Director of Education and Student Experience (IAIS)

Gulf monarchies; political economy; political sociology; comparative (Middle East) politics; authoritarianism; state-business relations.
Research Staff
Dr Kanwal Hameed

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Marya Hannun

Post-Doctoral Researcher, MERIP managing editor

Dr Luca Patrizi

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Kumail Rajani

Research Fellow

Law, Authority and Learning in Imami Shiʿite Islam Shiʿi Studies Arab and Islamic Studies South Asian Studies
Dr Bianka Speidl

Marie Curie / UKRI Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Marianna Zarantonello

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Professional Services Staff
Sarah Firman

Department Administrator

Cathy Potter

Department Manager

Sarah Roberts


Sarah Wood

Research Support and Website lead IAIS, Project Administrator and PA to Professor Rob Gleave

Visiting Professors
Professor Karen Ruffle

Visiting Al-Qasimi Professor in Islamic Studies

Honorary Professors
Professor Tahir Abbas

Honorary Professor

Extremism, Islamophobia, Political Polarisation, Racialisation, Radicalisation
Mr Martin Angle

Honorary Professor

Emeritus Professor Richard Hitchcock

Professor Emeritus

Professor Matteo Legrenzi

Honorary Professor

Honorary Research Fellows
Ömer Aksoy

Affiliated post-doctoral researcher

Dr Saud Al-Sarhan

Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Mr Paul Auchterlonie

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Li Bingzhong

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Uri Davis

Honorary Research Fellows

Dr Amin Ehteshami

Research Fellow

Law, Authority and Learning in Imami Shi’ite Islam
Dr Elham Fakhro

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Paul Gledhill

Research Fellow in Islamic Studies

Dr Manami Goto

Honorary Research Fellow

 Gulf Studies, Material Culture, Dress, Ethnography
Dr Wai-Yip Ho

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Juan Macías-Amoretti

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Sami Miaari

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Francis Owtram

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Sophie Richter-Devroe

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Endika Rodriguez Martin

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Seevan Saeed

Honorary research fellow

Dr Irwan Saidin

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Muhanad Seloom

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Zeeshan Shaikh

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Nur Sobers-Khan

Honorary Senior Research Fellows

Dr Norbert Weismann

Honorary Research Fellow

Mr Cameron Zargar

Honorary Research Fellow

Law, Authority and Learning in Imami Shi’ite Islam
PhD students 
Yunus Abakay Centre for Kurdish Studies PhD Student
Faris Abdel-Hadi Centre for the Study of Islam PhD Student
Jamal Abu Eisheh   PhD Student
Imran Ahmed   PhD Student
Abdulmohsen Al Saud   PhD Student
Yesar Al-Maleki   PhD Student
Roba Al-Salibi   PhD Student
Hissa Albadi   PhD Student
Sayed Ismail Albehbehani   PhD Student
Ahmed Aldhubayi Centre for the Study of Islam PhD Student
Mefreh Alharshani   PhD Student
Hamzah Almustafa   PhD Student
Sahar Alnaas   PhD Student
Tariq Alsabahi Centre for Gulf Studies  PhD Student
Khaled Alteneiji   PhD Student 
Esther Elena Alva Bazan   PhD Student
Francesco Amoruso European Centre for Palestine Studies PhD Student
Hassan Nasser Y Asiri Centre for the Study of Islam PhD Student
Rami Babiker   PhD Student
Bryar Bajalan   PhD Student
Leen Barghouti    PhD Student
Lucy Barkley European Centre for Palestine Studies PhD Student
Zarefah Baroud   PhD Student
Hamdullah Baycar   PhD Student
Cordelia Begbie   PhD Student
Shahanaz Begum   PhD Student
Anne Blanchflower   PhD Student
Mark Bracher   PhD Student
Bogdan-Nicolae Brebeanu   PhD Student
Amirah Bukhari Centre for the Study of Islam PhD Student
Francesa Buono   PhD Student
Christopher Burnham European Centre for Palestine Studies PhD Student
Christopher Cox   PhD Student
Majida Deeb Ibrahim    PhD Student
Maria Della Porta Rodiani European Centre for Palestine Studies PhD Student
Samantha Dobson    PhD Student
Nur Efeoglu Centre for Islamic Archaeology PhD Student
Mohamed Ethabet   PhD Student
Ali Fares Centre for the Study of Islam PhD Student
Lara Marlen Fricke   PhD Student
Kamen Gechev   PhD Student
Nathan Gubbins   PhD Student
Elif Gun   PhD Student
Alexander Hainy-Khaleeli Centre for the Study of Islam PhD Student
Tarek Hamoud European Centre for Palestine Studies PhD Student
Ehtashamul Haque   PhD Student
Stéphane Hlaimi   PhD Student
Robert Hoffman   PhD Student
Rebecca Howarth   PhD Student
Uzair Ibrahim   PhD Student
Hayder Jafari Centre for the Study of Islam PhD Student
Jewel Hossain Jalil   PhD Student
Olivia Jones Centre for Gulf Studies PhD Student
Gizem Kahraman Aksoy Centre for Gulf Studies and Centre for Islamic Archaeology PhD Student
Isobel Kingscott   PhD Student
Venla Koivuluhta   PhD Student
Yu Lan   PhD Student
Adam Ahmad Lane   PhD Student
Richard Latham Lechowick   PhD Student
Yiying Li   PhD Student
Charlotte Littlewood   PhD Student
Colter Louwerse European Centre for Palestine Studies PhD Student
Hamid Maghsoodi   PhD Student
Cristina Martínez Carrillo Centre for Islamic Archaeology PhD Student
Mohamed Matar Centre for Gulf Studies PhD Student
Asmaa Meftah   PhD Student
Ihsan Mejdi   PhD Student
Hatice Kubra Memis Centre for the Study of Islam PhD Student
Abdulla Saad Moswes   PhD Student
Majid Montazer Mahdi Centre for the Study of Islam PhD Student
Vito Morisco   PhD Student
Nora Nago   PhD Student
Mohsen RezaNajafi Centre for the Study of Islam PhD Student
Hesham Nasr   PhD Student
Tanya Newbury-Smith   PhD Student
Kinan Noah   PhD Student
Lena Obermaier   PhD Student
Karwan Osman   PhD Student
Hannah Parsons Centre for Islamic Archaeology PhD Student
Elias Ragi   PhD Student
Mihraban Raouf Rasoul   PhD Student
Rami Rmeileh   PhD Student
Joshua Ruebner   PhD Student
Mohammad-Payam Saadat Sarmadi   PhD Student
Hasti Safavi   PhD Student
Soumaya Salah   PhD Student
Mohammed Sanad   PhD Student
Hemn Seyedi   PhD Student
Dilshad Sharif   PhD Student
Kristine Sheets European Centre for Palestine Studies PhD Student
Durdona Shovkatova   PhD Student
Serdar Sümer   PhD Student
Kanwal Tareq Hameed Abdulhameed Centre for Gulf Studies PhD Student
Awet Teklehimanot Araya Centre for Islamic Archaeology PhD Student
Amira Toureche   PhD Student
Ibrahim Urkac   PhD Student
Alexandra Warminski Centre for Islamic Archaeology PhD Student
Benjamin White European Centre for Palestine Studies PhD Student
Shijie Xu European Centre for Palestine Studies PhD Student
Ofra Yeshua-Lyth   PhD Student
Syed Farhan A. Zaidi   PhD Student
Peyman Zinati   PhD Student