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Dr Ahmed Dailami

Lecturer in the History of the Gulf and Arabian Peninsula


01392 727605


 Lecturer in History of the Modern Middle East with a focus on the political, intellectual and social history of the Arabian Peninsula. 

Research interests

 I am a historian of the Modern Middle East, with a broad interest in the history of political thought as well as conceptual and intellectual history. I pursue these interests with a particular geographic focus on the Arabian Peninsula and its political and social history in the 20th century. This includes histories of statehood, anti-colonial movements, and revolution, particularly in relation to broader contexts of the wider Arab World, Iran and South Asia. I am also involved in work on the history of liberalism, sovreignty and violence in the Middle East after the Cold War.

Research supervision

Intellectual and Social History, Contemporary Arab and MIddle Eastern Studies with a focus on the Arabian Peninsula, the history of revolutions, nationalism and anti-colonial movements.


 Prior to joining the Insitute of Arab and Islamic Studies I worked as a content specialist at the British Library's India Office Archives. I hold a doctorate in Oriental Studies/Modern Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Oxford and an MA in Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard University. I completed my BA in Economics at Boston University. 

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