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Ms Abla Oudeh Mahmoud



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Abla Oudeh Mahmoud is a senior lecture in Arabic studies, the program director for MA Advanced Arabic and director for Maqam for Arabic Studies at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, university of Exeter. Her primary responsibilities involve teaching advanced Arabic language, translation skills& techniques, developing teaching material and organizing organizing activities for Maqam for Arabic Studies. She has worked previously as a teaching fellow at the Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, university of Edinburgh where she taught translation studies within the PG program. Abla received her MA in Translation and Linguistics in 1991 from the University of Bath in England, since then she has been working in both fields; translation and teaching Arabic as a foreign language. She has published several translations from English into Arabic including: -Taste of Thyme, Culinary Cultures of the Middle East by R.Tapper and S.Zubaida. مذاق الزعتر: ثقافات الطهي في الشرق الأوسط. ترجمة عبلة عودة، 2009 (Awarded best translation 2010 from the University of Philadelphia, Amman-Jordan) -Leila Khaled: Icon of Palestinian Liberation, by Sarah Irving. ليلى خالد: أيقونة الثورة الفلسطينية. ترجمة عبلة عودة، 2013. - Stranger Magic, Charmed States & the Arabian Nights by Marina Warner. السحر الأغرب، مشاهد فاتنة من ألف ليلة وليلة. ترجمة عبلة عودة، 2016

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