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Photo of Dr Seevan Saeed

Dr Seevan Saeed

Honorary research fellow

 Associate Professor in the Middle East Studies; Shaanxi Normal University- China

Reasrch Fellow in The Institue of Arab and Islamic Studies; Uniuversity of Exeter-UK

Research interests

I am intrested in examinig the recent history and current politics of the Middle East and Central Asia. My focus mainly is on the areas that predominantly coverd by the Silk Road; in the context of the Belt and road inticative (BRI).  In addition to that, Kurdistan  that could be in the heart of the region that the Silk Road goes through is another main focus of my research. 



 Dr Seevan Saeed has received his BA degree in Sociology High Diploma and MA in Social Policy at the University of Wolverhampton-UK, in 2008.  He gained PhD in the Middle East Politics at the University of Exeter in 2015. Seevan delivered lecturers in Domestic and International Universities including Exeter University-UK 2015-2017 and Shaanxi Normal University-China since October 2017. He serves as an active member of Turkish Studies Centre and  Co-editor of Chines-Turkish journal.  Dr Saeed has a record of publishing articles and scientific works in the peer reviewed international journals. He is able to fluently speak, read and write six laqnguages.

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