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Distinguished speaker

Distinguished speaker his Excellency Dr Salam Fayyad, former Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority visited ECPS on 25 March 2014. His talk was entitled: “Why Should Palestine Still Be an Issue?”






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Past events

A conversation with Angela Davis and Ilan Pappé: Towards transnational movements for justice 28 January 2021

In a time of increased precarity and growing inequality, we ask Professor Angela Y. Davis (University of California Santa Cruz) and Professor Ilan Pappé (University of Exeter) discussed what lessons might be learned from histories of antiracist and anticolonial organising – and how they might lead us toward more just futures. 

February 26, 2020. Parliamentary event on the US ‘Plan’ and its impact on Palestinian refugees

Dr. Nadia Naser-Najjab participated in a parliamentary seminar organized by Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) February 26, 2020, ‘US’s Middle East ‘Peace Plan’ and its impact on Palestinian refugees.’ Presented a paper entitled, Why Palestinians should not engage with ‘Peace to Prosperity Plan?’ The event was hosted and chaired by Tommy Sheppard, MP of the Scottish National Party.

February 24, 2020. "Naila and the Uprising" film

Screened "Naila and the Uprising" film, followed by a discussion with Jamal Zakout, Protagonist and co-founder of Unified Leadership of first Intifada.

31 January – 1 February 2020. Workshop on Palestine/Israel: Approaches and Strategies

We invited Palestinian, Israeli and international academics and activists. Our PGR students attended the workshop and contributed to the discussions. 

11 December 2019. PhD students represent the European Centre for Palestine Studies at the first consortium of Palestine Studies centres in Beirut

Two of our PhD students, Adam Hogan and Charlotte Kelsted travelled to Beirut to represent the European Centre for Palestine Studies at the first consortium of Palestine Studies centres. Representatives of the Institute for Palestine Studies and centres for Palestine Studies at SOAS, Brown and Columbia were also in attendance. The impetus for this meeting was the spread of Palestine studies and the opening of new centres in universities around the globe since the first centre was founded in Exeter in 2009.


18-19 October 2019. Workshop on Local Absorption of Palestinian and Syrian Refugees, 1948-2019.


24 October 2019. A Lecture by Farah Abu Baker on her book Folktales in Palestine.

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16 October 2019. Visiting lecture by Dr. Faiha Abd al-Hadi.

Faiha Abdulhadi, PhD, is a writer, poet, research consultant, community activist, and lecturer, in addition to a long life experience in various aspects of research, oral history, gender, and other issues of human interest.

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17 October 2019. Workshop for our research students, led by Dr. Faiha Abd al-Hadi: Palestinian Women, Rewriting History: The Political Participation of Palestinian Women since 1930s

Her visit included an exhibition for silver pieces inspired by traditional designs, which were worn by Palestinian women and girls since the early 1900's, connecting the past with the present.



Dr. Nadia Naser-Najjab presented a paper at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Dr. Nadia Naser-Najjab presented a paper at ‘1st Tsinghua Area Studies Forum’ at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. July 10th to 12th, 2019. Paper entitled: ‘Re-reading Oslo Agreements: An Alternative framework for Peace’. Paper will be developed into a chapter and published in a book.

Discussion with PGR Students Wednesday 15 May 2019

ECPS hosted a discussion session with Jeff Halper (founder of Israeli Committee Against House Demolition), "One Democratic State in Palestine/Israel: Its Time", and Hisham Sharabati- the Hebron Defense Committee, "Hebron, a microcosm of the occupation"


Visiting Speaker: 24-01-2019 Miko Peled ‘Justice, Freedom and Equality, the Keys for Peace in Palestine‘

Miko Peled is the author of ‘The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine', an epilogue about a self-reflective journey that changed his life.

Professor Ilan Pappé and Dr. Nadia Naser-Najjab presented papers at a conference.

Middle East Monitor, ‘Oslo at 25: A Legacy of Broken Promises’, 29 September 2018 London

Dr. Nadia Naser-Najjab and Dr. Katie Natanel participated in international conference.

12th Pan-European Conference on International Relations: A New Hope: Back to the Future of International Relations. Prague, Cech Republic 12-15 September 2018. They both presented papers at a Round Table discussion: ‘Tracing Settler Colonial Agents and Agency’

Dr. Natanel’s paper entitled: ‘Political Attachments: Melancholia and Love in Israeli Settler Colonialism’

Dr. Naser-Najjab’s paper entitled: ‘The ‘Logic of Elimination’ and Palestinian Education’

Picturing Everyday Life in Palestine

23rd August 2018

Mohammed Sabaaneh, Palestinian cartoonist presented his new book: 'White and Black'

Professor Ilan Pappé 

18 April 2017

Launches his latest book, Ten Myths About Israel, at the Mosaic Rooms, London.

Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy  “Israel Lobby and American Policy” conference.

24 March 2017

Professor Ilan Pappé: The value of viewing Israel-Palestine through the lens of settler-colonialism, how Zionist myths have been shaped and/or perpetuated by the Israel lobby, and what framework is necessary to overcome these myths and ensure that efforts to resolve the "conflict" are grounded in reality.

Exeter Branch Historical Association, University of Exeter Student History Society and one selected University of Exeter Research Centre.

6 March 2017

Speakers: Professor Ilan Pappé Dr Nadia Naser-Najjab

Title: History and Politics in Israel and Palestine. The talk covered the impact of politics on history and historiography in Israel and Palestine, from the emergence of the ‘new historians’ to the Palestinian textbooks controversy.

Visiting Speaker: 19th January 2017

Dr Toufic Haddad, In Palestine Ltd. Toufic Haddad explores how neoliberal frameworks have shaped and informed the common understandings of international, Israeli and Palestinian interactions throughout the Oslo peace process. 

Visiting Speaker: 10 February 2016

Dr Ghassan Khatib, Birzeit University, Palestine. 'The Deadlock in Palestine: Is there a Way Out?’

Visiting Speaker: 30 November 2016

Avigail Abarbanel, Fully Human Psychotherapy.  The theory Avigail  discussed has special relevance to understanding the relationship between the individual and the group in general and particularly in the Zionist and Israeli context.

Professor Ilan Pappé  and Dr Nadia Naser-Najjab

11-13 April 2016

Presented a joint paper at The Third International Conference and Workshop of the Palestine History and Heritage Project in Copenhagen.  Title: History, Curriculum and Textbooks”.  To develop into a chapter as part of a book project.

Dr. Nadia Naser-Najjab

10 October 2016

Presented a paper in a parliamentary seminar organized by Palestinian Return Centre (PRC).  Pape title, ‘The Two State Solution Discourse and the Issue of the Palestinian Refugees’. The event took place inside the Attlee Suite of the UK Parliament to discuss the prospects of Palestinian refugees in Jordan. The event was hosted and chaired by Dr. Paul Monaghan MP of the Scottish National Party.

Dr Uri Davis

19 February 2014

We celebrated the work of Uri Davis, the renowned pro-Palestinian activist and scholar (June 2013), who was formerly a faculty member of Exeter University. His talk was entitled: “The Next Steps for Palestine at the UN”.