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I love my PhD

PhD student, Ana Almuedo-Castillo, tells us about her research and why she loves her PhD. View full size.

I appreciated having had the opportunity to be in close contact with my supervisor. I enjoyed the unique and rewarding research experience, which has allowed me to strengthen my conceptual understanding of the area of my study and provided me with the skills and competencies I needed for conducting research, in general.  I also enjoyed life in the beautiful city of Exeter.

Shireen Abu-Eid Abdellatif, Palestine Studies, PhD

Postgraduate research

The Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies is the largest centre for Middle East Studies in a UK university with excellent research links in the Islamic world. We enjoy an international profile for our pioneering regional focus on the Gulf and Arabian Peninsula and expertise in Islamic studies.

Students are supported by the Doctoral College which offers institution-wide support, training, and administration for all of our postgraduate and early career researchers.

The Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies has been the ideal home from which to develop as a researcher, an academic and an activist. My supervisors are a constant source of support and encouragement, and every conversation we have, whether “real-life” or “virtual”, is galvanizing. The sense of community at the Institute is the backbone of my work; even informal chats over lunch in the common room leave me with fresh perspectives, new sites of enquiry and sources of inspiration for my research.

Charlotte Sefton, PhD Arab and Islamic Studies.