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HRH Prince Al-Waleed Al Saud Awards

These scholarships are for IAIS students who are citizens of countries outside the Arab world. The scholarships are intended to support IAIS students in their University of Exeter assessments, by contributing to the cost of visiting Arab countries to undertake a recognised Arabic language course, or undertake research for a dissertation. Unfortunately the award cannot contribute to the costs of visiting an Arab country to gain work experience, participate in unpaid or voluntary work, visit friends or family, or assist with writing an essay for a module (except the dissertation). The amount awarded varies according to the programme of study you are currently undertaking; please see below for details of the programmes which are eligible for this studentship and the amount awarded.

IAIS Undergraduate students

Undergraduates doing single or combined honours programmes may apply for funding of up to £1000 to further study for a language module or travel to the Arab world to undertake research for a dissertation (prior to final examinations).

Undergraduate students from Flexible Combined Honours

Students who are studying at least 60 credits of modules in the Institute may apply for funding of up to £1000 to further study for a language module or travel to the Arab world to undertake research for a dissertation (prior to final examinations).

MA Programmes in Islamic Studies or Middle East and Islamic Studies

Students undertaking these programmes are eligible to apply for an award of up to £1,500 to enable them to spend time in an Arab country for further study for a language module or for collection of material relevant to the dissertation.

IAIS PhD Programmes

Awards of up to £2,000 are available to support PhD students for language study or fieldwork in an Arab country, normally, in part, attached to an Arab educational or research institution. Awards are made on the basis of academic excellence.

The amounts listed are for full-time students only. Part-time (50%) students can apply for up to half these amounts.

How to apply

Applications should be submitted at least 6 weeks in advance of travel.

For the MArabic programme competitive scholarships are awarded on the basis of offer holder day interviews as above.  For all other programmes the details below apply.

All Applicants: In order to apply for this award you must complete the application form (at the end of this page) in its entirety. You must also attach:

  • A word processed rationale for your trip (no more than 2 A4 sides), detailing where you wish to go abroad and the benefits this will have on your study
  • An academic reference from your language tutor or dissertation supervisor
  • You are required to have University of Exeter insurance for the trip, although you do not need to secure this prior to applying for an award. If your application is successful, we will transfer the scholarship to your bank account after we have received proof you have secured UoE insurance. Please see further details regarding your year of study below.
  • You may wish to read about the risks in the country you are planning to visit prior to deciding to apply for an award.

Undergraduate Insurance: Please see  Please send the insurance forms to and cc to

Postgraduate Insurance: Please see  The International Travel form must also be completed. Please forward all forms to and cc to

Your application will not be accepted without full accompanying documentation.

Terms and Conditions

The Award Committee may not approve awards intended for travel to areas where Foreign Office alerts are given, or where there may be particular concern for your safety, currently including Cairo, Libya and Syria.

Applications should be submitted at least four weeks in advance of travel.

Should your application be successful, within two weeks of your return to the UK you will need to provide all receipts totalling the amount awarded you. We accept that in the Middle East formal receipts are hard to come by, therefore we accept signed and dated records of amounts in handwritten format or email.

Upon your return you must also submit a report of your time abroad (no more than 2 A4 pages) detailing what you did and how it has assisted your studies, and politely expressing appreciation to Prince Al Waleed for the opportunity. Please also include a photograph of a memorable moment/view/activity/artefact.

The amounts listed are ceilings, and receipts need to be submitted to justify expenditure.

The following items are acceptable: including, but not limited to food, non-alcoholic beverages, translation services, transport (hire car, taxi, airport transfer, coach, bus, aeroplane, water ferry, etc.), accommodation, course costs, conference costs, insurance costs, inoculation fees, course books, conference books, guided tours.

The following items are not acceptable expenses: including, but not limited to, clothes, toys, electrical goods, souvenirs, leisure activities (cinema tickets, shisha, etc), alcoholic beverages, purchasing of live animals, assistant fees.

Only one scholarship may be awarded per student per academic year (October to October). If your application is unsuccessful, you are welcome to submit a revised application. If you are successful, you may not apply again until the following October.

The amounts listed are for full-time students only. Part-time (50%) students can apply for up to half these amounts.

There is no deadline for applicationdownload the form here (pdf)‌.